Web Design & Development

What is Web Design?

Web Design is the process of transforming an idea or brand into an online collection of text, images, and other content presented in a clear and understandable way for customers or users to interact with on any device. Nemo Design offers web design & development to customers because having an online presence is becoming increasingly necessary in today's digital world. We help businesses to meet their online needs by walking them through the design process from the idea phase to mock-ups, and finally to deployment. As a web designer I know that the world wide web can be a confusing and frustrating environment for many business owners, thus, my design process includes educating my clients in harnessing the power of this tool. Nemo Web Design turns ideas into websites and business owners into webmasters.  

Can't I just create my own website using a site builder or template?

Sure you can! If your budget doesn't allow for web services such as ours then I encourage you to learn all you can in regards to developing a website. In fact, I strongly believe that anyone given the time can learn to build a basic website. Or, can even generate a nice looking site using some sort of template.

Then why pay you?

Good question. First, consider this illustration, your car needs an oil change so you take it to the mechanic and pay to have it done. Why? An oil change is a very simple task that you could learn to do yourself via YouTube. You pay to have it done though because of the fact that you either don't have the time, patience, or desire to do so. It is much the same with building a basic website.

Now, let us say your car needs something more complicated done, such as a new transmission or engine rebuild. Could you still do it yourself? Sure, but the time required to learn and the energy you would spend just aren't practical. Again, it is the same with the most complicated aspects of web design & development such as: creating an e-commerce store that accepts online payments, creating custom features that aren't available with a template, or creating a well-optimized website that is ready for search engines.

Great, I need a website. What now?

Now you contact Nemo Web Design of Temecula and allow us to help you meet your online needs. While we are located in Temecula, CA we happily serve nearby areas and customers living within the United States. We look forward to collaborating with you and your business.