Web Design Projects

Picture of Solartint USA website that was designed by Nemo Web Design.

Solartint USA

Solartint USA had a Wix website that just wasn't all that SEO friendly. We helped them create a more user friendly layout that also included a good foundation for Local SEO. This a responsive website design. Their new website is making good progress and now ranks on the second page for some desired keywords. The owned has stated that he is happy with the site and is receiving work leads much earlier and in greater frequency this year.

Personal Projects

Image of online web form created by Nemo Web Design.

Online Signup Form

As a project I built an online signup form with interactive fields, buttons, checkboxes, and text input areas. This is a fully responsive form that was built from the ground up.  Concepts used: creating functional forms by using different HTML elements and styling using CSS.

Image of an online profile designed and created with HTML & CSS by Nemo Web Design.

Real Estate Brochure

A responsive online real estate brochure. Built with the intention of helping agents inform potential clients of a properties details, highlights, and location.